Sobriety Counter – Stop Drinking (EasyQuit)

An app to support people to stop drinking alcohol and to stay sober.

Sobriety Counter – Stop Drinking (EasyQuit) By Mario Herzberg (Hanna)
  • Goal setting
  • Tracking
  • Calculator (money saved from not drinking)
  • App community via Facebook
  • Data exports
  • Diary (paid version)

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Country of origin  Germany
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Cost Free
Paid "pro" version available

What does the app do?

The Sobriety Counter - Stop Drinking (EasyQuit) app is focused mainly on helping you to stop drinking and then stay sober. You start by inputting details of how much you drink and how often, the financial costs associated with this and your quit date. 

You can then view your progress and benefits of your sobriety within different menus, including a tracker for time without drinking, money saved, real-time health benefits, drinks passed and medals for goals achieved.

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✔ Clear menus to help you see at a glance the benefits of maintaining your sobriety.

✔ Tips and tools if you are at risk of relapsing.

✔ Simple and easy to use.

✘ A set-up menu would be helpful when first opened to allow you to input information on your drinking habits, spending and goals.  

✘ The app defaults to the Euro currency when installed.

✘ There is no psychological support or advice for people who are not sure about giving up drinking.

Review details

Date of review: April 2021
Platform reviewed: Apple iOS
Version: 1.3 

App developer
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