Pressure Target app

A pressure ulcer education app for people with pressure ulcers, those at risk of developing them and their carers.

Pressure Target By University of Toronto
  • Education and information
  • Animation
  • Interactive

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What does the app do?

Pressure Target is an education app that uses images and animations to give users easy-to-read information about pressure ulcers. The app is divided into 6 main sections:

  • Skin has information about what skin does and the structure of skin.
  • Pressure ulcers has information on what a pressure ulcer is, who is at risk, how they happen and where they happen.
  • Staging gives a description of the stages of pressure sores, what to look for and the average healing time.
  • Prevention has information on the importance of prevention, warning signs and things you can do to prevent pressure sores.
  • Pressure relief gives details of how to do pressure relief exercises in a wheelchair and tips on how to relieve pressure in bed. 
  • Management includes information on what do you if you notice warning signs, healing wounds, complications and reassessing risk. 

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✔ Contributions from physical therapists and other medical personnel.

✔ The information provided is comprehensive and interactive.

✘ No ulcer tracking feature.

✘ No reminders for altering positions.

✘ Apple (iPad or iPhone only).  

Review details

Date of review: January 2020
Platform reviewed: Apple
Version: 1.0
Download size: 25.1 MB
Updated: 29/11/2018 

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