Period Tracker Flo app

An app to help you track your menstrual cycle (periods).

Period Tracker Flo By OWHealth Inc
  • Period tracker
  • Period cycle predictions
  • Ovulation calculator
  • Pregnancy calculator
  • Reminders
  • Graphs
  • Education and information 

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What does the app do?

The app has 3 main purposes - track your period cycle if you don't plan to get pregnant soon, predict your fertile window if you are trying to conceive and track your pregnancy if you are pregnant. The app has provision to track many symptoms and lifestyle measures applicable to the purpose selected. Based on the data you enter, the app's predictions of your cycle and ovulation improves. The Health Insights helps you to learn more about your body and cycle, and it also provides personalized health insights each day.

For the complete app description, go to App website  , Google Play or  iTunes and for a detailed review, see Reviews


✔ Useful health information including advice on managing menstrual pain, heavy menstrual bleeding, diet/exercise around menstruation and other relevant information.

✔ Has an alert if period is late.

✔ Has both menstrual and pregnancy tracking modes.

✔ Has a calendar and graphing.

✔ Monitor menstrual flow, libido, mood, menstrual symptoms and other factors influencing the cycle.

✔ Allows monitoring of predicted ovulation using calculations, vaginal discharge and basal temperature.

✔ Can sync with fitness wearables and other health and fitness apps.

✔ Can join the community board to ask questions or make comments.

✔ Reminders for contraceptive pills, depot injections and others.

✔ There is an option to make it password protected.

✘  Does not alert user if emergency contraception should be considered (e.g. if you’ve indicated that you don’t want to get pregnant, and then log that you had unprotected sex during your fertile period).

✘ A little buggy and sometimes crashes.

✘ No option to sync to your partners device.

Privacy and security

The app has a privacy policy and terms of service disclosure. The privacy policy outlines the personal data the app collects, together with the information that is collected automatically. It also describes how your data will be used, including sharing with third party providers (for example, "to customize product service and offerings and recommendations to you, including third-party products and offerings). The app does not have a default password protection, but users can choose to secure access with a 4-digit security code. Read more about things you can do to improve your safety and security when using apps.   

Review details

Date of review: July 2018
Platform reviewed: Android
Version: 4.6.7
Download size: 40.60 MB
Updated on: 10/07/2018


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Last reviewed: 18 Jul 2018