PE Coach 2 app

An app to support people with PTSD while having therapy with a health professional.

PE Coach 2 By US Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Based on prolonged exposure (PE) therapy principles
  • Distress management techniques
  • Reminders
  • Record therapy sessions

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What does the app do?

PE Coach 2 app is for people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to be used together with guidance from a health professional. The app allows users to:

  • set up and track therapy sessions, including reminders
  • do tasks to prepare for therapy sessions
  • record sessions in a secure way
  • complete assessment tools in real time.

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✔ Provides good information about avoidance and anxiety and how to address these.

✔ If used by a competent therapist with the client, it will be useful tool.

✔ Testing and tracking useful.

✔ Breathing tool good.

✘ The About tab needs to be more obvious, with better instructions for how the app works.

✘ Does not provide sequential session by session structure or session programme, which would improve it (see CPT app for good example of this). Relies on the therapist being competent.

✘ Could do with more tools than just breathing.

✘ Not great graphics – old style, and not easily navigable.

✘ No explanation of tests.

✘ Functionality issues – the app freezes intermittently. 


Review details

Date of review: May 2020
Platform reviewed: Apple
Version: 2.0

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