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To help New Zealanders cope with COVID-19 by coaching them in mental wellbeing.

Mentemia app By Mentemia Ltd
  • Variety of coping tools
  • Problem solving

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What does the app do?

The app has ideas and tools to help you learn how to be well and stay well throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It helps you deal with common stressors (such as poor sleep, anxiety and stress). 

During the app setup you are asked to set your intent – what you would like to improve.

To help you achieve this, it has a variety of tools including the following: 

  • a worry map, in which you describe your worry, create a plan of action and let go of the worry
  • breath training to improve your body's stress response
  • be kind, an interactive feature where you spin a wheel of kindness, select an action (such as smile at a stranger) and commit to doing it
  • a mood tracker, which is a diary feature to track your mood and the reasons you feel that way
  • a personality quiz where you can find out a bit more about yourself.

The app also has a variety of videos, articles, audios, etc. For the complete app description, go to the App websiteGoogle Play and the App Store , or for a more detailed review, see Reviews.


✔ Relatively easy to use.

✔ Pop up daily reminders with helpful hints and motivators.

✔ Created by psychologists and behaviour-change specialists.

Life-ring for moments of crisis.

✔ Ability to keep track of your mood.

✔ Encourages reflection about what contributes to changes in mood.

✔ Practical behavioural strategies that are achievable for most are helpful.

✔ Some helpful topical information and links to COVID-19. 

✔ A variety of topics available to search.

✘ Worry map is general and a bit simplistic. More options to select from would reflect the diversity of people’s experience.

✘ Personalty quiz doesn’t add to the app and may feel like a necessary chore in order to access information.

✘ App offers guided help but there is not enough of it.

✘ More structured activities and questionnaires in the Training component would be helpful.

✘ Some good information is buried in the “Explore” tab and could be better categorised.

✘ Breathing to count of 5 may be difficult for someone who is anxious - more options for pacing and a longer exhale would be helpful.

Review details

Date of review: April 2020
Platform reviewed: Android
Version: 0.9.0
Download size: 18.81 MB
Updated: 7 April 2020 

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