Menopause View app

An app for women who are perimenopausal or menopausal.

Menopause View By Fertility Council
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  • collect medical information? Yes
  • require a login? Yes
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  • have a privacy policy? Yes
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What does the app do?

The Menopause View app is mainly a tracking app where users can track menopause-related symptoms (such as anxiety, bladder issues, mood changes, hot flushes, etc) and medications. The medication tracking feature links to a medication selection list that is based on American medication names. Some, but not all, of the medicines are relevant to a New Zealand audience. In addition, users can create journal entries and track other aspects like weight and blood pressure. The app has a glossary for medical terms, and the blog section links to interesting articles about menopause.
For the complete app description, go to the app website or the App Store or for a more detailed review, see Reviews


✔ Tracks the user’s period, menopause symptoms, medications, blood pressure and weight

✔ Graphing to view trends

✔ Fertile period calculation

✔ Can keep a daily journal

✔ Glossary section for word definitions

✔ Developed in conjunction with a medical doctor

✘ The medication section has a few issues, eg:
- It uses many American brand names, and while you can select 'other', the variables for this custom option are very limited.
- The user cannot select a 3.5 day dosing interval for the estrogen patch (called Estraderm in the app, a brand not available here) like we do in New Zealand. You can only select every 3rd or 4th day. The alert feature didn’t work when tested.
- There is a bug where you can't use the same dosing option for 2 different medications, eg, if you select daily dosing for one, you cannot select daily dosing for another medication.
- The notification feature didn’t work when tested.

✘ Covert advertisement in the blog section for vaginal laser rejuvenation.

✘ In-house purchases and advertising to public.

✘ Entirely unreferenced when making claims about evidence.

✘ While there are some interesting articles about topics such as parenting and social life, there is nothing about topics you would expect in this kind of app, like risks and benefits of hormone therapy.

✘ The export data feature didn't work when tested.

✘ Last updated in 2015 (4.5 years ago at the time of review) and still in version 1.0.

✘ Available on the App Store only; no Android version available. 

Review details

Date of review: November 2019
Platform reviewed: Apple
Version: 1.0
Download size: 67.4MB
Released: 18/04/2015
Last updated: 18/04/2015

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Reviewed By: Jeremy Steinberg, GP, FRNZCGP Last reviewed: 12 Nov 2019