Listen Please app

A translation app for use in hospitals, to help patients and health professionals communicate with each other.

Listen Please  By Janet Liang
  • Translation app 
  • Languages include Mandarin/ Cantonese Chinese, Korean, Samoan, Tongan
  • Has printed and audio translations
  • Has pictures/ photos 
  • New Zealand app
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Cost $16.99

What does the Listen Please app do?

Listen Please is a translation app for patients, to be used in the hospital setting. It is aimed at people: 

  • who can't speak at all, eg, if they have a breathing tube in their airway, but can communicate in some other way
  • who can't speak English but can speak Mandarin/ Cantonese Chinese, Korean, Samoan or Tongan.

The app includes printed and audio translations in these languages, and pictures or photos to further help understanding. The app has 2 modes:

  • Patient talks mode: This is used if you want to communicate your needs to the clinician such as wanting to speak to family or friends, go to the toilet, etc.
  • Clinicians asks mode: This is used by clinicians to tell you about your care while you are in hospital, such as when performing a physical examination, explaining what care is going on or explaining clinical procedures. They can also ask you questions – the questions are worded so that the answers can be simple yes (tick), no (cross) or don't know (question mark) answers.

Note: This app is not meant to replace trained clinical translators, but is for urgent situations when a human translator cannot be found in time, or where there is an ongoing need such that a translator cannot be there all the time. For the complete app description, go to the App Store

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Last reviewed: 11 Jul 2019