Kegel Kat app

An app that provides a fun and interactive approach to pelvic floor exercises.

Kegel Kat By Bitty
  • Gamification
  • Fun and interactive
  • Training plans
  • Workout diary
  • Reminders
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What does the app do?

The app provides a ‘gamification’ or fun approach to pelvic floor exercises where you have a cat mascot and can earn tokens to customise his look and buy different songs. There are three modes: “Daily Squeeze,” where you can define a number of exercises to run through, with configurable length settings; “Go Forever” mode, where you see how many you can do in a row; and then the silliest, “Dance Dance” mode, where you have to exercise along to a tune, earning points as you go. For the complete app description, go to Google Play or iTunes and for a detailed review, see Reviews.


✔ Visual, vibration and auditory cues.

✔ Customisable exercises.

✔ Gamification whereby you earn tokens which can buy visual changes to your Kegel Kat and different songs for the dance mode.

✔ Reminders.

✘  Zero information about pelvic floor exercises or how to do them.

✘ No bladder diary or bladder retraining section.

Privacy and security

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Review details

Date of review: October 2018
Platform reviewed: Android
Version: 2.0.7
Download size: 17.48 MB
Updated on: 8/09/2018

Last reviewed: 11 Oct 2018