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There are hundreds of thousands of health-related mobile apps available from app stores and research in the app space is growing substantially. The purpose of the app library evidence corner is to showcase recent New Zealand studies on health apps.

Recent New Zealand studies on health apps


  1. SPGeTTI: A Smartphone-Based Problem Gambling Evaluation And Technology Testing Initiative
  2. Current practices of health care providers in recommending online resources for chronic pain self-management
  3. Association between user engagement of a mobile health app for gout and improvements in self-care behaviors: randomized controlled trial
  4. Reliability and validity of clinically accessible smartphone applications to measure joint range of motion: a systematic review
  5. Mental Health Care for Service Members and Their Families Across the Globe.
  6. The Importance of User Segmentation for Designing Digital Therapy for Adolescent Mental Health: Findings From Scoping Processes.
  7. mHealth Interventions for Exercise and Risk Factor Modification in Cardiovascular Disease.
  8. Mass media promotion of a smartphone smoking cessation app: modelled health and cost-saving impacts.
  9. Evaluation of Self-Management Support Functions in Apps for People With Persistent Pain: Systematic Review.
  10. Impact of a smartphone app on prescriber adherence to antibiotic guidelines in adult patients with community acquired pneumonia or urinary tract infections.
  11. Health Benefits and Cost-Effectiveness From Promoting Smartphone Apps for Weight Loss: Multistate Life Table Modeling.


  1. Moving beyond the individual: mHealth tools for social change in low-resource settings.
  2. Effect of a Mobile Phone Intervention on Quitting Smoking in a Young Adult Population of Smokers: Randomized Controlled Trial.
  3. Behavior Change for Youth Drivers: Design and Development of a Smartphone-Based App (BackPocketDriver). 
  4. Keeping Up with the Applications: Lessons Learned Evaluating Gout Apps.
  5. A Co-Designed, Culturally-Tailored mHealth Tool to Support Healthy Lifestyles in Māori and Pasifika Communities in New Zealand: Protocol for a Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial.
  6. Beyond the Trial: Systematic Review of Real-World Uptake and Engagement With Digital Self-Help Interventions for Depression, Low Mood, or Anxiety
  7. "I did a lot of Googling": A qualitative study of exclusive breastfeeding support through social media
  8. Self-monitoring has no adverse effect on disordered eating in adults seeking treatment for obesity


  1. Acceptance of Using an Ecosystem of Mobile Apps for Use in Diabetes Clinic for Self-Management of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
  2. Social anxiety apps: a systematic review and assessment of app descriptors across mobile store platforms
  3. Apps to improve diet, physical activity and sedentary behaviour in children and adolescents: a review of quality, features and behaviour change techniques
  4. Use of and Beliefs About Mobile Phone Apps for Diabetes Self-Management: Surveys of People in a Hospital Diabetes Clinic and Diabetes Health Professionals in New Zealand

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