Contraction timer apps

Contraction timer apps are used to help you track your contractions when you are in labour. Read more about how to use contraction timer apps safely.

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What are contraction timer apps?

Contraction timer apps (also called contraction trackers) help you keep track of the length of your contractions, how many you are having and the time interval between them. This helps to keep a record of your contractions. It's to help you gauge how quickly labour is progressing, which will help you determine when to seek help. Some contraction trackers alert you when it’s time to head to the hospital.

The importance of using contraction timer apps with caution

Be careful when using contraction timer apps.
Everyone’s labour is different. Contraction timer apps are only a guide. The apps can be helpful and provide general guidance but it is important to use your own judgment and not just rely on what the app says.

Ring your lead maternity carer (LMC) if the following happens:

  • Your contractions are coming every five minutes, lasting longer than 50 seconds and have been getting stronger. For some women this stage can last hours but for others, particularly those have second or later babies, it can be quick. If you are unsure, phone your LMC.
  • Your waters have broken and the fluid is clear or has a tinge of pink. If you are not sure if your waters have broken, put on a sanitary pad and check it after an hour. If it is wet, phone your LMC.
  • If there is a change in the pattern of your baby's movements.

Ring your lead maternity carer (LMC) urgently if the following happens:

  • You have severe or constant abdominal pain with a tight abdomen.
  • Your waters have broken and the fluid is green or brown.
  • You notice any vaginal bleeding – bright red vaginal bleeding is not normal in pregnancy.

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Reviews of contraction timer apps

 App  Features Clinical review
Sprout pregnancy

  • Pregnancy tools, including information about your baby's development, weight tracker, kick counter and contraction timer
  • Available from Google Play and Apple store
  • Cost: 2 week free trial and then $4.99
  • Read more about Sprout Pregnancy
Contraction Timer & Counter 9m 

  • An app to track your contractions in labour
  • Available from Google Play and Apple store
  • Cost: Free (basic); Paid upgrade
  • Read more about Contraction Timer & Counter 9m
Full Term Contraction Timer

  • An app to track your contractions in labour
  • Available from Google Play and Apple store
  • Cost: Free
  • Read more about Full Term Contraction Timer
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