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Cancer FIT+ is designed to maximise health for individuals following on from a cancer diagnosis. This includes a large amount of content aimed at target areas of exercise, nutrition and wellbeing.

Cancer FIT+ By Cancer FIT+
  • Goal setting (including categories of metrics (distance and steps in a day), self-rating energy levels, sleep tracking, questions specific to relaxation and movement.)
  • Diary/tracking
  • Calculator or counter (steps, distance walked)
  • Reminders (prompting questions around health categories)
  • Graphs and reporting (journey planner section showing progress)
  • App community (opportunity to link)
  • Opportunities to earn ‘journey badges’ eg. When 50000 steps are walked

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Country of origin New Zealand
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What does the app do?

Cancer FIT+ is an app designed to maximise health for individuals after a cancer diagnosis. This includes a large amount of content aimed at target areas of exercise, nutrition and wellbeing. There are opportunities to connect with an individual’s own health data (eg. Steps/ distance per day) and the opportunity to connect with a community following social media.

The app is designed for people following on from a cancer diagnosis. The level of information, and the variety of input ensures that this would be helpful and useful for people from a variety of ages and activity levels, from those who currently live a relatively sedentary lifestyle, to those up to high-level athletes.

It is noted that the app has been specifically designed for people with a cancer diagnosis. However, it is clear that the principles being taught through the app are so high quality and well researched that they would likely have benefit for a wider audience (especially for those with other conditions that have a fatigue element, such as concussion). Noting this is the reviewers opinion, and the app has very specifically designed for a cancer diagnosis.

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✔ Very high quality information- users can be confident that they are accessing well-presented and highly researched information.

 A lot of opportunities for variety- in terms of exercise types, meal plans and types of education.

 Great options for tracking across many metrics.

 Volume of content- hundreds of hours of content directed at health.

 Opportunities to connect in with community.

 Both through the FAQ section, and what the authors have identified in their videos, they do a good job of identifying specific questions related to a cancer diagnosis. The content is presented in a way that users could feel very confident to make a start on their health journey in a safe manner.

✘ Accessing the app: to get a log in, currently this needs to be done via an external website. This is fine as an option, however it is not well explained on the app front page at the moment, which can cause confusion. It is acknowledged that the creators of the app are looking at changing this.

✘ Volume of information: There is a huge volume of very high-quality information in the app. It is acknowledged that the sheer volume of content may be overwhelming. In future, it may be helpful to have a ‘how to get started’ or ‘key introduction videos’ to start with.

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Date of review: March 2023
Platform reviewed: Android

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