Health apps A–Z

Mobile apps can help you monitor your symptoms, track your progress towards health goals, learn about your condition, remember to take your medication and much more. The app library, currently funded by the Ministry of Health, provides a selection of apps so that you can decide which one is right for you.

Category Reviewed apps
Alcohol use apps and tools
Ankylosing spondylitis apps
Anxiety apps 
Arthritis apps
Asthma apps
Autism apps
Blood pressure apps
Breast cancer support apps 
Breastfeeding apps
Breast self-examination apps
Breathing, meditation and mindfulness apps
Caregiver support apps
CBT apps
Communication apps
Concussion apps
COPD apps
COVID-19 apps
Depression apps 
Diabetes apps
Eating disorder apps
Eczema apps
Epilepsy apps
Exercise apps/fitness apps
First aid and emergency apps
Fluid control app (for heart and kidney health)
Goal setting, problem solving and motivation apps
Gout apps
Graded motor imagery apps
Healthcare services apps
Healthy eating apps/nutrition apps
Heart failure apps
Heart rate apps
Irritable bowel syndrome apps
Kidney disease apps
Māori language apps
Medication reminder apps
Menopause apps
Mental health and wellbeing apps
Mental health and wellbeing apps (for pregnancy)
Mental health and wellbeing apps (for teenagers and young people)
Multiple sclerosis apps
Migraine and headache apps
Pain (chronic) apps
Parenting apps
Parkinson's apps
Patient portal apps
Pelvic floor exercise apps
Period tracking apps
Pregnancy & newborn care apps
Pressures sores apps
Problem gambling apps
Prostate and bladder apps
Physiotherapy apps
PTSD apps
Quit smoking apps  
Self-harm prevention apps
Skin check apps
Sleep apps
Snoring apps
Stroke apps
Sun safety apps
Swallowing difficulty apps
Visual impairment apps
Warfarin apps
Weight management apps

Disclaimer: Health Navigator’s app library is a free consumer service to help you decide whether a health app would be suitable for you. Our review process is independent. We have no relationship with the app developers or companies and no responsibility for the service they provide. This means that if you have an issue with one of the apps we have reviewed, you will need to contact the app developer or company directly.

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