A Better Visit app

An app for visitors, friends or family/whānau of people with dementia, to encourage interactions on their visits to residential care.

A Better Visit By Dementia Australia
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What does the app do?

A Better Visit app is designed to enhance communication and facilitate positive social interactions between people with dementia and their visitors. 
Often family members struggle to interact and engage with a family member who no longer recognises them.

The app comprises games or activities that can be done together and in this way engages the person with dementia and stimulates discussion and enjoyment. You may need to explain games and read out questions, and try to engage your co-player by demonstrating, gently guiding, encouraging and turn taking. For the complete app description, go to the app website, Google PlayApp Store or, for a more detailed review, see Reviews. 


✔ Has 8 activities to choose from 

✔ Easy to use

✘  Music can be annoying


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Date of review: May 2020
Platform reviewed: Apple

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