Āio Māori meditation app

A meditation app based on Māori teachings.

Āio By Turuki Health Care Charitable Trust
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Country of origin Aotearoa New Zealand
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  • Free – basic (comprises 6 videos)
  • Paid upgrade to access more videos (NZD 12.99 per month)
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What does the app do?

Āio is a meditation app based on Māori teachings. The free version of the app comprises 6 basic videos.

  • Takutaku (learnt first and performed at the start and end of every session) 3 mins
  • Paerangi (sensory system engagement, performed in every session) 5 mins
  • Taurite (session focusing on stillness or balance) 17 mins
  • Tuku (session focusing on release) 17 mins
  • Hakiotanga (session focusing on reset or new beginnings) 19mins
  • Irohanga (session focusing on contemplation and manifestation) 19 mins

To access more videos a monthly subscription is required. For the complete app description, go to the app website, Google Play, or App Store.

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