Well Child App

An app by the Nelson Marlborough DHB, to track your baby's health progress and set reminders for their health checks and appointments.

Well Child App

By Nelson Marlborough DHB

  • Education and information
  • Reminders for immunisations and appointments


Clinical review

Two out of five stars

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What does the app do?

The Well Child app app helps parents to create a health record for their child. By entering your child's date of birth, the app uses the device calendar to automatically set reminders for important dates like Well Child checkups and immunisations. The app also allows you to record your child's growth details such as height, weight and head circumference, so that you can track growth and changes. You can store contact details for anyone involved in supporting a family and child —midwife, Well Child provider, GP, hospital and dental care. 

The app is designed to be used alongside the Well Child Tamariki Ora My Health book (also known as the Plunket book).



✔  Free with no advertisement disturbances.

✔  Immunization schedule can be complex especially for new families, so this app is useful for busy families, to keep track of child's appointments and immunization schedule, especially for parents/caregivers with more than 1 child.

✔  App features work well, timely response, simple design and relatively easy to learn how to use.

✔  Provides links to a range of useful New Zealand specific resources and websites.

✔  Co-designed (consumer input).

✘  Health literacy- some pages under My Health Book have lots of textual information which can be overwhelming and hard to read on devices with small screens. No contents section so need to scroll through to find what you are looking for.

✘  Issues with graphs- no explanation on how to navigate between the different graphs (i.e. weight, height and head circumference), no explanation about what the colored lines represent (percentile?), axis incorrectly labelled (i.e. head circumference and height graphs have weight on axis), date in American format which can be confusing for some people, can not customize range or zoom in.

✘  No help menu or whom to contact if help needed with app.

✘  Issues with uploading profile photos of different kids, all end up having image of 1st child.

✘  Not mentioned anywhere but important to declare that this app is not associated with Plunket. 

Privacy and security

To be completed

Review details

Date of review: December 2016
Platform reviewed: Android
App version: 1.2.2
Download size: 57.27 MB