Smoking cessation apps

The following smoking cessation apps have been reviewed.

App name Description
Quit Guide app   An app from the National Cancer Institute aimed at anyone wanting to quit smoking. Provides useful advice on how to manage cravings, triggers and moods.  
Quit Smoking - QuitNow app   An app to support people who are trying to quit smoking. Simple, easy to use app. Has instant messaging from a “live community” which are not always relevant to quitting smoking. Requires paid upgrade for more features.  
Quit Pro app     An app to support people who are trying to quit smoking. Has colourful, visually appealing graphs. Free version has limited options - requires paid upgrade for most features.  
SmartQuit app      An app to support people who are trying to quit smoking. Comprises a quitting program, called the SmartQuit program, which guides the user through a series of steps to quitting. Requires paid upgrade to access all the features and the full program. 
* These apps are awaiting clinical and user reviews. If you are interested in helping with reviews, contact   


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