Sleep apps

Nearly everyone has difficulty getting to sleep from time to time, but for some people this can be a regular ongoing problem. Just over half of Kiwis say they never wake up feeling refreshed, while 25% report having ongoing sleep problems.

There are a variety of mobile apps available for use on your smartphone or tablet that can be helpful if you have sleep problems. Some apps enable you to track our sleep habits, similar to a sleep diary, and help you develop good sleep routines, while others try to assist you to fall asleep by using calming visual graphics and relaxing music. 

App name


CBT-i Coach app

  • Sleep diary 
  • Education and information
  • Based on cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia 
  • Reminders (to change sleep habits)

Pzziz app

  • Music and sound effects to induce sleep
  • Creates a different soundtrack with each use

Snore Lab app

  • Records snoring sounds
  • Calculates snore score 
  • Lifestyle tracking 

* These apps are awaiting clinical and user reviews. If you are interested in helping with reviews, contact   


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