Quit for You - Quit for Two app

An app aimed at pregnant women wanting to quit smoking.

 Quit for You - Quit for Two Basic features


  • No in-app advertising
  • No internet needed
  • Data cannot be exported
  • Social networking options
  • No online community

* This app is awaiting clinical and user reviews. If you are interested in helping with reviews, contact sandra@healthnavigator.org.nz  

What does the app do?

This app aims to support mums-to-be who are trying to quit smoking. The app is divided into 2 main sections - Learn and Play. The Learn section provides the user with tips and helpful pointers for quitting. To further inspire the user, the Baby Growth section has information on the foetus weekly milestones and the Your savings section gives the user ideas on what they could buy with the money saved. The Play section has fun games to distract users who have cravings and feel the urge to smoke.  

For the complete app description, go to either iTunes (apple) or Google Play (android).   

  • Simple, easy-to-use app
  • The app uses features to encourage and motivate users to quit such as showing how much money can be saved over the weeks as well as featuring a well-illustrated baby growth section to inform women of their baby’s development.
  • The games are fun, entertaining and targeted at Mums-to-be such as Bouncing Baby, Baby Names, Baby Boogie, etc 
  • The app is targeted at Australian audiences and directs users to an Australian ‘quitline’, which is not particularly helpful for NZ users.
  • Does not track users achievements. 
Date of this review: January 2017


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