CBT-i Coach app

An app designed in collaboration with the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to support veterans having trouble sleeping.

CBT-i Coach Features

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  • Sleep diary 
  • Education and information
  • Based on cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia 
  • Reminders (to change sleep habits)
*This app is awaiting clinical and user reviews. If you are interested in helping with reviews, contact sandra@healthnavigator.org.nz

What does the app do?

This app is designed in collaboration with the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), so it is aimed mainly at supporting veterans and military service members who are having trouble sleeping, but most of the information and recommendations are quite general, and can be helpful to anyone having sleep difficulties. The developers recommend that this app be used together with a health care provider. The app is divided into 4 main sections:
  • My Sleep — this section has questions and assessments that enable the user to get a better idea of their sleep habits and together with their health care provider, can ascertain if they have a sleep problem. After completing 5 sleep day diary entries, the user is given an individualised sleep prescription.  
  • Tools — this section has various tools to improve sleep habits. For example, users are offered suggestions on how to incorporate positive behaviours into their nighttime routine, and given a variety of relaxation techniques to help ease into sleep including audio and visual exercises to help settle the mind.    
  • Learn — provides users with information to get a better understanding of sleep and sleep problems. This section also has a basic glossary that explains the meaning of complex terms around insomnia.  
  • Reminders — this section has various reminders to encourage you to use the tools in the app and to help you keep a healthy sleep schedule.  

For the complete app description, go to either iTunes (apple) or Google Play (android). 

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Pros ✔  Cons  ✘
  • The Learn section has simple, easy-to-understand information on various aspects of sleep and healthy sleep habits.
  • The app enables users to track their sleep habits and creates an awareness of the various factors that may affect sleep.  
  • Some advice such as weapons and sleep has less relevance to the general public. 
  • Some of the medicines mentioned in the medications section that are likely to cause insomnia, are not available in NZ. 
Date of this review: February 2017

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