Asthma apps

The following apps relating to asthma care have been reviewed.

Symptom tracking apps

App name   Description

My Asthma app

An app by the Asthma + Respiratory Foundation NZ for people with asthma, wanting to learn about the condition and create an asthma action plan.

Asthma Check

An app for people with asthma wanting to record their peak flow readings, asthma symptoms, exercise and smoking habits.


An app for people with asthma wanting to record their peak flow readings, asthma symptoms, triggers and medication. The app also has provision to create an asthma action plan. 

Education and information apps

App name   Description
Kids Beating Asthma
An app aimed at children and teenagers with asthma, to learn about their condition. The app seems incomplete and much of the content is under development. 

Wizdy Pets

An app designed to teach younger children about asthma, using a fun and interactive game. During the game kids learn about asthma care, inhaler timing, inhaler technique, triggers, symptom recognition and appropriate actions to avoid asthma attacks.

Asthma Friendly Classroom

  An app aimed at school staff to create an asthma-friendly classroom.


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Last reviewed: 26 Mar 2017