Aqualert app

An app aimed at anyone wanting to keep track of how much water they drink. May be useful for those at risk of dehydration, or for those who need to restrict fluid intake.

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  • Free version - has advertising
  • No internet needed
  • Data can be exported
  • Social networking options
  • Support - online community
  • Available in many languages

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  • 4.1 out of 5

What does the app do?

This app helps you track the amount of water you drink. It uses your gender, weight and activity level to calculate how much water you should drink each day. You can set notifications to remind you when to have a drink of water and it has a bed time mode so you don’t receive reminders in the middle of the night.

For the complete app description, go to either Google Play (android) iTunes (apple) and for a detailed review, see Reviews.



CONS  ✘  

  • Fun icons and graphics.
  • Regular prompts, reminders and encouragement to drink water.
  • Easy to choose different volumes such as cup, glass or bottle and can adjust the volumes of these to match your own vessel to accurately tally intake.
  • Produces graphs of intake over time.
  • Can email graphs to a health professional.
  • The goal you enter may not be suitable but the app will not alert you to this fact.
  • Focuses only on water intake – education about sources of fluids and/or benefits of other fluid sources may be required for some patient groups.
  • Lack of evidence-based information on why/how requirements are calculated.

Date of this review: April 2015