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The following videos mostly come from other countries so some information may be different in New Zealand. Talk with your healthcare team about what is right for you.


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The videos linked to have been assessed as useful, however take care when viewing other videos or links from external websites such as YouTube as they do not meet our quality criteria and may contain unscientific information.

 Categories Comments  Organisation  Country
 All videos (569)  NHS Choices  UK
Healthy Living
Physical Activity - nature's natural pain reliever scroll down for video Center Disease Control USA
23 and 1/2 hours - 30 mins a day 9 mins, famous YouTube Doc Mike Evans
 Te Ropu Whakahirahira - getting active again  Faultline Productions  NZ
Guide to Nicotine Therapies - Dr Hayden McRobbie Good overview Quit Group NZ
Video Diaries - Angela Wallace Personal story Quit Group NZ
Video Diaries - Joe quits smoking  Personal story Quit Group NZ
Video Diaries - Karen & Sean  Personal story Quit Group NZ
TV Campaigns - Don't give up - QUIT  Quit Group NZ
 Smokefree Toolkit  Health Professionals  Smokefree NZ
 Can I drink alcohol while pregnant?  NHS Choices  UK
Morning Sickness - nausea and vomiting  NHS Choices  UK
Miscarriage  NHS Choices  UK
A to Z Topics
Abdomen (38)  NHS Choices  UK
Alcohol, smoking, drugs (19)  NHS Choices  UK
Asthma  NHS Choices  UK
Cancer (35)  NHS Choices  UK
Carers (12)  NHS Choices  UK
Children and babies (58)  NHS Choices  UK
COPD  NHS Choices  UK
Cystic fibrosis - Jonny's tips for keeping well  Health Navigator NZ  NZ
Depression - (9+) range of personal stories  Black Dog Institute  Australia
Disabilities (19)  NHS Choices  UK
End of life (8)  NHS Choices  UK
Eyes, ears, nose, teeth (32)  NHS Choices  UK
First aid (12)  NHS Choices  UK
Fitness (41)  NHS Choices  UK
Foot health (10)  NHS Choices  UK
Healthy eating (28)  NHS Choices  UK
Heart and lungs (35)  NHS Choices  UK
Heart Disease - (The Bro Files in Maori)  Faultline Productions  NZ
Heart Healthy Lifestyle (British Sign Language)  British Heart Foundation  UK
HPV Vaccine - WOF Programme  Faultline Productions  NZ
Hypertension - WOF Programme  Faultline Productions  NZ
Infections and viruses (48)  NHS Choices  UK
Long-term conditions (35)  NHS Choices  UK
Maori - real stories (30+)  Faultline Productions  NZ
Mental health (60)  NHS Choices  UK
Muscles, joints, bones (40)  NHS Choices  UK
Neurology (33)  NHS Choices  UK
Older people (31)  NHS Choices  UK
Pregnancy (18)  NHS Choices  UK
Real stories (104)  NHS Choices  UK
Renal failure - WOF Programme  Faultline Productions  NZ
Sexual matters (34)  NHS Choices  UK
Skin, hair and nails (29)  NHS Choices  UK
Sleep Apnoea - (Maori)  Faultline Productions  NZ
Special foods and supplements - Prescription Kitchen  BPAC  NZ
Testing Treatments Interactive Health Professionals TTI UK
Te Ropu Whakahirahira - getting active again  Faultline Productions  NZ
Teenagers (47)  NHS Choices  UK
Travel (6)  NHS Choices  UK
Treatments, procedures (79)  NHS Choices  UK
Urology (12)  NHS Choices  UK
Women's health (gynaecology) (20)  NHS Choices  UK
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Last updated on December 15, 2014