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Finding an up-to-date clinical pathway or guideline at that moment when you need it, is often difficult! Let's combine our efforts, stop reinventing the wheel, save money and create an online knowledge library we can all benefit from.

DISCLAIMER: There is a pleothora of guidelines and best practice resources. This list is merely a starting point, collated from reputable organisations. Recommendations may differ for your region or locality. Please consult your local DHB or PHO if any uncertainty.

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A = Assessment;    CME = Continuing Medical Education;  G = Guideline

Subject Type Title Organisation Year Format
Abdominal Pain  Children - Chronic abdominal pain (pdf) Starship Children's Hospital 2012 web and pdf
Abuse and Neglect Abuse and Neglect of children (pdf) Starship Children's Hospital 2010 web and pdf
Acne How to treat acne Isotretinoin consent form (pdf) BPAC 2009 web and pdf
Adolescent Consultation  A  HEADSSS Assessment  BC Children's Hospital, Canada  Article by NZ
Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaire
Parental Evaluation of Developmental Status:  page 79
PHQ-9 Patient Questionnaire  82
Cage Questionnaire pg 83
Substances and Choices Scale  pg 84
 Child Youth & Family(Gateway Forms & Assessment tools) (large file 5MB)pages 69-70
Adrenaline Autoinjectores Patient information re adrenaline autoinjector ordering (EpiPen & AnaPen)   (pdf) Starship Children's Hospital 2011 web and pdf
Advance Care Planning Guide to ACP plus patient resources etc ACP Cooperative NZ 2012 website
Allergy Testing Different types of Allergy Testing Starship Children's Hospital 2007 web and pdf
Aminoglycosides Aminoglycosides in Children Starship Children's Hospital 2012 web and pdf
 Anal Fissures  A quick guide to management BPAC 2013  web and pdf
Anaphylaxis Anaphylaxis - children Starship Children's Hospital 2010 web and pdf
Anorexia Inpatient Management of Anorexia Nervosa and other Eating Disorders Starship Children's Hospital 2011 web and pdf
Antenatal Hydronephrosis Antenatal Hydronephrosis - Postnatal Imaging Starship Children's Hospital 2012 web and pdf
Anticoagulation Anticoagulation Starship Children's Hospital 2012 web and pdf
 Anxiety  Generalised Anxiety Disorder Calculator (GAD 7)  SOAP Note  2013  Website has ads, but useful calculator. Non-profit website
Apparent Life Threatening Event (ALTE) ALTE - Apparent Life Threatening Event Starship Children's Hospital 2012 web and pdf
Appendicitis  Appendicitis Suspected Starship Children's Hospital 2005 web
 Asthma - children Acute asthma in children  Northern Region Health Pathways  2014
Chronic asthma management Northern Region Health Pathways 2014
 Acute Asthma - Children Starship Children's Hospital 2009 web only
 Life Threatening Asthma - children Starship Children's Hospital  2007 web and pdf
 Asthma - adults  Asthma Control Test  Asthma Control Website  Drug Company website but reputable international tool
 Atrial Fibrillation  Pathway  Atrial Fibrillation pathway  Northern Region, NZ  2014
Autism  Guideline New Zealand Autism Spectrum Disorder Guideline Ministry of Health & Ministry of Education 2008 Link to MOH page & ordering information (Summary)
CME, e-booklet, slideshow and more  Ministry of Health  2008
Behavioral Disturbance Behavioral Disturbance Starship Children's Hospital 2010 web and pdf
Biliary Atresia Biliary Atresia – Protocol for diagnosis and Management Starship Children's Hospital 2007 web and pdf
Bleeding Bleeding Questionnaire Starship Children's Hospital 2010 web and pdf
Botox A for use in sialorrhoea (drooling) Botox A for chronic sialorrhoea Starship Children's Hospital 2005 web only
Bronchiectasis Bronchiectasis: Acute respiratory exacerbation Starship Children's Hospital 2008 web and pdf
 Bronchiolitis Bronchiolitis Starship Children's Hospital 2010 web and pdf
 Burns Paediatric Burns Starship Children's Hospital 2008 web and pdf
 Cardiovascular risk  Assess & risk communication Your Heart Forecast Know Your Numbers - Heart Foundation NZ 2011
Cardiology  CME Cardiovascular Risk Assessment & Management  Heart Foundation NZ & LearnOnLine MOH 2013  interactive e-learning programme (Sign Up)
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) Starship Children's Hospital 2011 web and pdf
 Cellulitis   Pathway  Adult Cellulitis  
 Northern Region, NZ  2013  web
 Chest Pain  Pathway  Cardiac Chest Pain pathway  Northern Region, NZ  May 2014
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  Pathway  Diagnostic Criteria and Management  NICE Guidelines  March 2014
 CKD - see kidney disease
Cognitive Impairment  Assess  Range of tools under Dementia
 Pathway  Cognitive Impairment - Northland  Northland DHB  2013
 Dementia pathways  Range of regions  2013






 Clinical Knowledge Summary, UK
 Contraception - Teenagers  A & G  Emergency Contraception - guide & assessment (2pgs)Administration Standing Order  AKL School Nurses Group
 COPD  A  CAT Tool (COPD Assessment Tool)  Validated tool, 50+ languages
   Pathway COPD Pathway Northern Region, NZ 2012  Interactive webpage
 G COPDX Guidelines Thoracic Society of Australia & NZ April 2009
 Update Management of acute exacerbations of COPD in primary care BPAC Sept 2009 webpages
 Croup  Pathway  Paediatric Croup Pathway 
 Northern Region, NZ  Oct 2013
Handout Croup factsheet (patients)  Starship
Dementia & Cognitive Impairment  Assessment tools MOCA - Montreal Cognitive Assessment

 International tools  IQ-Code - done with GP-COG  Multiple Languages
 A GP-COG - brief screening tool
IQ Code - Informant Interview - brief set of questions for family to fill in
 A  RUDAS (Rowland Universal Dementia Assessment Scale)

 RUDAS - good for non-English speakers  Scale and administration and scoring guide;  User guide - video
 Dementia   Pathway Dementia Care Pathway  Counties Manukau DHB & National Dementia Cooperative  2009
 Pathway Cognitive Impairment - Northland 
 Northland DHB  2013
 CME Dementia Presentations  Northern Region Dementia Forum
Depression  A  PHQ 9 online  National Depression Intiative
   A  Kessler 10 - online scoring!  Glasgow Mental Health Team  2013  Quick and easy to use
 A  Kessler 10 - printable pdf in multiple languages  Health Translations Australia  Arabic , Chinese Hindi Korean
Vietnamese  (more ...)
 A  Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale  Psychology Tools
 Guide Depression in primary care - summary NZ Guidelines Group 2008
Clinical Audit Emergency department self-harm presentations clinical audit tool NZ Guidelines Group 2012
Assessment and management of people at risk of suicide summary NZ Guidelines Group 2003 Having suicidal thoughts?
Diabetes Management of Type 2 Diabetes - pages 45-64 NZ Primary Care Handbook 2012
 Pathway  Screening for type 2 diabetes  Northern Region NZ 2013
 Pathway  Type 2 management  Northern Region NZ 2013
 Pathway  Insulin initiation - type 2  Northern Region NZ 2013
CME Diabetes Presenter Slideset NZGG and Ministry of Health 2011
Clinical Audit Detecting Type 2 Diabetes BPAC
 DVT - Deep Venous Thrombus  DVT Pathway  Northern Region, NZ  2012
 Dyspepsia Dyspepsia Pathway  Northern Region, NZ  2012
 Eczema Pathway  Paediatric Eczema  Northern Region, NZ  2014  Also has an infected eczema pathway
 Infected eczema pathway  Northern Region, NZ  2014
 Endometriosis Update  Diagnosis, management & fertility BPAC 2013 Update article
G - H
 Gastroenteritis  Gastroenteritis - Children  (NEW)
 Gout  Pathway  Acute Gout - Clinical Pathway  Northern Region, NZ  2012
 Pathway  Gout Prevention Pathway  Northern Region, NZ  2012
 Hepatitis B  Hepatitis B pathway  Northern Region, NZ  2014
 Hepatitis C  Hepatitis C pathway  Northern Region, NZ  2014
 Immunisation  CME  e-Learning Programme

  • For Midwives and LMCs (5)
  • For Undergraduate Nurses (2)
  • For Childbirth Educators (2)
LearnOnLine - Ministry of Health interactive e-learning programme
 Iron Deficiency Anaemia  Iron Deficiency Anaemia Clinical Pathway  Northern Region, NZ 2012
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Simple Guide to Identifying and Investigating IBS Symptoms  Capital & Coast DHB
 Kidney Disease  Pathways  Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) - screening  Northern Region, NZ  May 2014
 CKD management  Northern Region
 Osteoarthritis  Quick Guide Osteoarthritis Quick Guide  NICE - National Institute Clinical Excellence, UK  2014  
 Osteoporosis  Pathway UK  Osteoporosis Pathway NICE - National Institute Clinical Excellence, UK
 Assess  FRAX - WHO Fracture Risk Assessment Tool  World Health Organisation
 Otitis Media Update Otitis Media - a common childhood illness  Best Practice Journal  2012  web, pdf
 Palliative Care Adult Network Guidelines Palliative Care Adult Network UK  detailed e-book and resources
 Pneumonia  Pathway  Community Acquired Pneumonia  Northern Region, NZ  2012
 Pathway  Pneumonia in children  Northern Region, NZ  2013
 Handout  Pneumonia Handout for patients  Starship
 Proteinuria  Pathway  Proteinuria  Northern Region, NZ  March  2014
 Radiology Reference  Radiopaedia website  Radiology community Free educational resource with one of the web's largest collections of radiology cases and reference articles aimed at health professionals.
 Renal Colic  Pathway  Renal Colic pathway
 Skin Lesions Minor Skin Lesion Pathway  Northern Region, NZ  2013
 Sore Throat  Sore throat pathway 
 Northern Region, NZ  2013
   Sore Throat Pathway - Summary

 Heart Foundation
Testing treatments e-book website & e-book Testing Treatments Interactive website, quizzes & e-book Authors 2012
Transit Ischaemic Attack (TIA) Transient Ischaemia Attack - Clinical Pathway  GAIHN  2012
 Venous Thromboembolism  Pathway Venous Thromboembolism  NICE - National Institute Clinical Excellence, UK  2011  Recommendations may vary slightly for NZ
Vertigo Vertigo Clinical Pathway  Northern Region NZ  2012
Ulcerative Colitis  Pathway  Ulcerative Colitis NICE - National Institute Clinical Excellence, UK  2013  May vary slightly for NZ
Urinary Incontinence (women)   UK Guideline  Urinary Incontinence in women NICE - National Institute Clinical Excellence, UK  2013  May vary slightly for NZ
Urinary Tract Infection  Pathway Adults - not yet available in NZ or NICE Guidelines
 Guideline UTI in children Starship Children's Hospital, NZ 2012




  • GAIHN - Greater Auckland Integrated Health Network - this is a combined group of Primary Health Organisations and District Health Boards in the greater Auckland region. To read more, visit the GAIHN website.
  • NZGG - New Zealand Guidelines Group - now managed by Ministry of Health NZ.
  • NICE - National Institute of Clinical Excellence, based in the UK.
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